Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDS

To implement the necessary measures to protect human health and the environment a legal or natural person who, as the manufacturer or importer of a chemical placed on the market provide a safety data sheet in accordance with this Act and regulations issued pursuant thereto, and to the authority responsible for the chemical.

Legal and natural persons engaged in trade of chemicals, MUST make available the safety data sheet:

1) no later than the first delivery from hazardous chemicals to the professional user
2) on professional user request

– At the first delivery of a chemical which is not classified as hazardous, and contains substances that are hazardous to human health or the environment, or for which the regulations governing safety and health at work, sets limits on workplace exposure,
– If a chemical is marketed as an object of general use and in accordance with this Act marked with warnings and instructions to protect health and the environment

3) each user at the request of biocidal products shipped

Legal and natural persons in the first paragraph must be accompanied by lessons on the chemicals they put on the market and update the safety data sheet. At each change in the data sheet must be providet sto the Office for Chemicals and all professionals whom have supplied the chemical in the last 12 months prior to the amendment sheet.

However, MSDS is not intendent to be only because must be made, it contains a lot of useful information for manufacturer’s statements on the safety risk assessment, to produce guidelines for safe work instructions for making the event of spillage or accidents, administer first aid to control levels in workplace air … ..

In the case of import hazardous chemicals to the Republic of Slovenia you as a seller ARE RESPONSIBLE for the safety data sheet and not the manufacturer. So it is important to whom you entrust the translating of your MSDS !!

Meaning of terms:
Import is any act that causes the transfer of a chemical from another country to the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. The transporting of a chemical is not deemed to be import.

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