Chemicals – Who needs Consultant for chemicals?

Consultant for chemicals In Slovenia, like throughout EU, we use acts in the Official Journal of the EU whose publication is obligatory and, of course, our Slovenian national legislation.

Due to the latter, the foreigners who want to sell hazardous chemicals in our country are sometimes a little lost.
Whoever brings in/imports a hazardous chemical (biocides, dangerous detergents, other dangerous chemicals) into the Republic of Slovenia must be aware that they are obliged to report it to Chemical Office of the Republic of Slovenia. Prior to this one has to obtain the License for trade in hazardous chemicals in Slovenia.

Legal or natural persons must have their registered seat of a company in the Republic of Slovenia or in any of the Member states of the European Union. If they wish to obtain the License for trade in hazardous chemicals in Slovenia they will have to make a written statement that they have Chemical consultant who meets the statutory requirements of RS.

It must be emphasized that in the case of two, three or more importers of the same hazardous chemical into the Republic of Slovenia, each must report the hazardous chemical (product) to our Chemical Office.

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We also provide translations of the material safety data sheet (=MSDS) or of the labels.

In case you want to notify a biocidal product in the Republic of Slovenia, regardless of whether it is dangerous or not, you must have a translated MSDS and the label, which has to be consistent with Slovenian regulations. And also, the Application form must be properly filled out. There are also fees to be paid.

NB: Notification of a biocidal product in the Republic of Slovenia is subject to national legislation!

Source: Office for Chemicals , Chemicals Act (KEM) / Kem /

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