Biocides – what is this?

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Who has to obtain authorization?

Any natural or legal person who manufactures dangerous chemicals, sell hazardous chemicals, store hazardous chemicals or is using hazardous chemicals. And of course there are also exceptions. For details please contact us on email: info
Check below the types of products, if among them, if even one of your product:

1st MAIN CATEGORY: Disinfectants and general biocidal products

These types do not fall cleaning, which are not made in order to have a biocidal effect, including washing liquids, powders and similar products.
1st Product type: biocidal human hygiene 
Products in this group are biocidal products used for human hygiene.
2nd type of products: disinfectants and other biocidal products for private and areas, public health 
Products used for disinfection of air, land, materials, equipment and furniture, which are not used in direct contact with food or feed in private, public and industrial areas, including hospitals, and preparations for use as algicides.
Other areas include, inter alia, the use of swimming pools, aquariums, bathing and other water, air conditioning, walls and floors in health and other facilities, and chemical toilets, waste water, waste from hospitals, soil and other substrates (the courts).
3rd Product type: Veterinary hygiene biocidal products 
Products in this group are biocidal products used for veterinary hygiene purposes, including those used in areas where they are housed temporarily residing or means of transport.
4th type of products: disinfectants to the area of food and feed 
Products used for disinfection of equipment, containers, food containers, utensils, surfaces or pipework associated with the production, transportation, storage or consumption of food, feed or drink (including drinking water) for humans and animals.
5th Product type: resources for drinking water disinfection 
Products used for disinfection of drinking water (for humans and animals)

2nd MAIN CATEGORY: Preservatives

6th type of products: compensation for preservatives 
Products used for preservation of manufactured products excluding food and feed in containers. They work by preventing
product spoilage due to microbial activity and thus ensure their shelf life.
7th type of product: the means to protect (maintain) coatings 
Preparations used to maintain the protective coatings and paint, the prevention of microbial deterioration of in order to protect the initial properties of the surface materials or objects such as paints, plastics, sealants, wall adhesives, binders, paper products and artwork.
8th type of products: wood preservatives 
Products used for preservation of wood, whatever the degree of wood processing including the mill, which prevent the development of organisms that destroy wood or deterioration.
These products include both preventive and curative.
9th type of products: preparations for the protection of fiber, leather, rubber and polymerised materials 
Products used for preservation of fibrous or polymerised materials, such as leather, rubber or paper or textile products and rubber by preventing deterioration of the microbes.
10th type of products: protective chemicals in construction 
Products used for preservation and rehabilitation of building or other construction materials other than wood
control of microbiological and algal attack.
11th Product type: preservatives for liquid-cooling and processing systems 
Products used for preservation of water or other liquids used in cooling and processing systems, namely the prevention of harmful organisms such as microbes, algae and mussels.
Among such products do not include preparations for the protection of drinking water.
12th type of products: preparations slimicides (slimicidi) 
Products used to prevent or control slime formation on the materials, equipment or structures used in industrial processes, such as wood or paper with grit, porous sand strata in the extraction of petroleum products.
13th type of products: liquid assets to protect the metallurgical industry. 
Products used for preservation fluids in metallurgical industry by preventing microbial disadvantages.

3rd MAIN CATEGORY: Pest Management

14th Product type: rodenticides 
Products used to control mice, rats or other rodents.
15th Product Type: avicide 
Products used to control reproduction of birds.
16th Product type: Molluscicides 
Products used to control molluscs.
17th Product type: Piscicides 
Products used to control fish during these products do not include funds for the treatment of diseases in fish.
18th type of products: insecticides, acaricides and products to control other arthropods 
Products used to control arthropods (eg insects, spiders and crustaceans).
19th type of product: repellent and means of attracting (attractants) 
Products directly or indirectly used to control harmful organisms (invertebrates such as fleas, retenčarji, such as birds), by reflection or attraction, including by means of human or animal hygiene).

4th MAIN CATEGORY: Other biocidal products

20th product type: Preservatives for food or feed 
Products used to preserve food or feed to control pests.
21st type of products: preparations for the prevention of colonization of organisms on the surface, which is in contact with water (antivegetacijska assets). 
Preparations for the prevention of unwanted growth and organisms (microbes and plant and animal species) on vessels, aquaculture equipment and other facilities and structures used in water.
22nd Product type: Embalming fluids and taxidermist 
Products used for disinfection and preservation of human or animal carcasses or parts thereof.
23rd Product type: Control of other vertebrates 
Products used for pest control.

Source: Urad za kemikalije

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